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Leading Patio Heater Manufacturer In China

Leading Patio heater manufacturer with 20+ years Experience Trailblazer with Technological Innovation Patio heater Development.

Our Advantage

Our factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, 
our main products include Patio heaters, fire pits, patio stoves, BBQ and other outdoor living products.

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Beellen® is experienced in the outdoor heating industry to provide an appliance
that creates a warming "circle of heat" by utilizing superior design and materials throughout.

“Never forget those clients who helped you grow in your development”

Our factory helps our clients increase market share, create more margin and more innovative technology and services.



Beellen® Patio Heaters Comprehensive Capabilities
From Product Developing To Manufacturing

Our factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, our main products include Patio heaters, Gas Patio Heater,Pellet Patio Heater,fire pits, patio stoves, BBQ and other outdoor living products. We supply the full support for the patio heater installation and operation.Beellen® Factory supply patio heater, fire pit, BBQ and other outdoor living products. All the heaters and BBQ and fire pits are with CE/ETL certification. All the heaters and fire pits has exported 100+ counties in the world.

Why Beellen Customers Are Covering All Over The World?

Large Scale Production Capacity

Around 10000pcs heaters produced per month.


Leading in Home and Garden Manufacturing in China more than 20 years. Beellen® has large ranges of varies experienced heating solution.

Delivery Time

Customized products are ready in 20 days-faster than most other heater manufacturers in China. Our goal is “QUALITY COME FIRST, CUSTOMER FORMOST”

OEM/ODM Service

We can design logo and package for our clients, we can put our clients’ logo on the products or the packing.


Beellen® is the heaters manufacturers completely with a professional team, Service from production, financing, inspections, insurance, shipping, customs clearance and delivery. All our heaters are 100% inspected before shipping.


Beellen® live the values of achievement, integrity, growth, advancement and competition, revolutionizing the concept of value for all customers through innovation design.


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Patio heaters provide radiant warmth and ambient light. They act as an attractive centrepiece and are easy to store, maintain and use. Not only do they look great in your garden, but they also provide a safe, practical and aesthetically pleasing outdoor heating solution for outdoor commercial venues such as restaurant and bar patios, beer gardens, hotels, event venues and more.

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The tournament kicked off in the morning with the preliminary rounds, which featured a diverse lineup of competitors. Each match was a testament to the dedication and hard work that the competitors put into their training. From powerful smashes to clever spins, the level of play was impressive and kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.

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What is a pellet heater?

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Beellen | Pellet Patio Heater - BPH003 Installation

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the Pellet Patio Heater Installation process step by step, ensuring a seamless experience that keeps you warm and safe.

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Our factory helps our clients increase market share, 
create more margin and more innovative technology and services.

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Date:  From June 16, 2024 To June 18, 2024
Address:  Cologne - Koelnmesse GmbH, Germany


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