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Flame Outdoor Heater

A Flame Outdoor Heater is a type of patio heater that uses a flame to provide heat for outdoor spaces.  These heaters typically use propane or natural gas as a fuel source and are designed to be used on patios, decks, or other outdoor areas.  They are often used in restaurants, bars, and other commercial settings, but are also popular for residential use.

Flame outdoor heaters typically consist of a tall, freestanding post that supports a heating element and a propane or natural gas tank.  The heating element is usually a ceramic or stainless steel burner that produces a flame, which heats up a metal or ceramic plate.  The plate then radiates heat outwards to warm up the surrounding area.

There are several advantages to using a flame outdoor heater.  They provide a convenient and efficient way to heat outdoor areas, allowing you to enjoy your patio or deck even on chill

y evenings.  They also add an attractive ambiance to outdoor spaces, with the flickering flame creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Additionally, they are relatively easy to operate and maintain, with simple controls for adjusting the heat output and replacing the fuel tank when needed.

However, it is important to note that flame outdoor heaters do require some safety precautions.  They should always be used in well-ventilated areas to prevent the buildup of harmful gases, and should never be used indoors or in enclosed spaces.  It is also important to keep flammable materials away from the heater and to ensure that it is stable and secure to prevent accidents.

Being's Flame Outdoor Heater range represents over 10 years of experience in the outdoor heating industry, providing a device that creates a warm "thermal cycle" through the use of superior design and materials.

The Flame Outdoor Heater provides the perfect outdoor comfort heating solution and is available in a variety of colors, installation options, and in propane and natural gas models.

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