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  • Q Are pellet patio heaters better than propane?

    A Wood pellet heaters cost about half as much to run as propane while producing twice as many BTU. Our heaters provide a campfire-like atmosphere with radiant heat and wood fires to watch. And you can move it freely.
  • Q Can pellet patio heaters be cheaper than natural gas patio heaters?

    A Pellet patio heaters are less expensive in almost every case. In fact, you can heat your entire home with pellet patio heaters and still pay less than natural gas. However, pellet patio heaters also require you to purchase, transport, and store the pellets.
  • Q Are gas fire pits safe?

    A Yes. A gas fire pit is a perfectly safe choice for your home or business if you follow all of the manufacturer's recommendations and requirements. Key safety considerations include keeping the fire pit at the recommended distance from combustible materials, ensuring the area is properly ventilated, and regularly testing for gas leaks.
  • Q Is it OK to burn wood in a gas fire?

    A Can't. Gas fire pits are not made of materials designed to withstand the heat of a firewood fire. Ash from burning wood can clog burners, causing serious damage and potential safety issues.
  • Q Are fire pit tables on wood decks safe?

    A A fire pit table can only be safely placed on a plank if the correct precautions are taken. Read the manufacturer's safety instructions before placing them on deck. Always place the fire pit on a noncombustible base, such as a concrete floor. You should also check your local fire codes, as it is illegal to place fire tables or fire pits on wooden decks in some places.
  • Q What is the difference between a fire pit and a fire pit table?

    A Fire pits come in a variety of styles, including braziers, portable fire pits, and in-ground fire pits. A fire pit table is a combination fire pit and outdoor table. A fire table has a flame in the center of the table surrounded by a flat surface for food and drink.
  • Q Are patio heaters safe?

    A When used correctly, patio heaters can safely keep you warm. They can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and never leave a patio heater unattended.
    Here are some tips for using your patio heater safely:
    Use it in the right space. Your patio heater can generate a lot of heat over time. To prevent fire hazard, keep heater a safe distance from walls, ceilings, furniture, rugs or any other flammable material.
    Use patio heaters on a flat, level surface.
    Check for leaks. When installing a natural gas or propane patio heater, be sure to do a thorough inspection to make sure there are no gas leaks. You can do this by applying a soapy water solution to the tank and hose connections. If you see air bubbles rising from any connection point or smell gas, turn off the heater and tighten the connection. If you can't stop the leak, have your heater serviced before use.
    Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Even if you follow all safety precautions, accidents can still happen. That's why it's wise to keep a fire extinguisher nearby at all times.
    Observe carefully. Never leave patio heaters running unattended. Always keep children and pets a safe distance away to prevent burns. And avoid using the heater in winds over 10 mph—the heater could be blown over, or the flame could go out.
    cover it up. Patio heaters are designed to be weather resistant. But over time it can become problematic if the heater is left out of the element. Properly storing the heater when not in use will keep it from becoming clogged with bugs and debris, and will also prevent rust. You can purchase a custom PE COVER at Being® to protect your heater when not in use.
  • Q Where can patio heaters be used?

    A Patio heater can be used in backyard, patio, porch, pool, garden, restaurant, bar, cafe.... To be safe, keep a few feet away from combustible materials and structures when using patio heaters in case of fire. Keep well ventilated to avoid the dangers to your health from carbon monoxide buildup.
  • Q Is it safe to use a propane patio heater indoors?

    A Can. But we don't recommend using your propane patio heater indoors. Propane patio heaters produce toxic carbon monoxide (CO) during combustion, so keep ventilation while using propane patio heaters to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Q Can I leave my gas patio heater and fire pit in the rain?

    A Propane patio heaters and fire pits designed for outdoor use are able to come into contact with water. However, prolonged exposure to rain and water can cause the burner to build up, damage it and render it unusable. We do not recommend using gas heaters and fire pits in the rain. Of course, you can buy a waterproof PE cover at Beellen® so you don't have to worry about your gas patio heater and fire pit getting damaged in the rain.
  • Q Which is cheaper to run a gas or electric outdoor heater?

    A In general, natural gas heaters tend to be the cheapest way to heat your patio, followed by electric heaters, and then propane heaters.
  • Q How Much Gas Do Patio Heaters Use?

    A A typical 13kW gas patio heater will burn gas at 928g/h when used on its maximum setting. This means a 13kg cylinder will last around 15 hours - even longer if you use the heater on a lower setting.
  • Q What fuel do patio heaters use?

    A With patio heaters and fire pits, you can use butane or propane gas. The type of gas you need depends on the product and gas pressure regulator you are using. While many heaters and fire pits can only use one of these two gases, Beellen® patio heaters and fire pits can use both.
  • Q Can you do DDP? Deliver the goods to my warehouse including all the freight and taxes?

    A Yes sure, we have much experience in proceeding DDP.
  • Q What certificates do you have for products and for factory?

    A Our products are with CE, UKCA and ETL certified. For factory we have BSCI and ISO9001.
  • Q How many days for the warrenty?

    A Our warrenty for each product is one year.
  • Q Can I mix different models and colors into one container?

    A Sure no problem, we will try our best to support you.
  • Q I'd like to know your payment way

    A Basically, the payment way is T/T or irrevocable L/C at sight.
  • Q How about the delivery time?

    A 20-35 days after the receipt of deposit and confirmation on all designs based of normal condition.
  • Q We'd like to print our logo on the appliances, can you make it?

    A We provide OEM service which including logo printing, stickers design and carton design.

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