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Quality Control

Beellen product quality seriously. That’s why you should choose us as your import partner in China.
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Guaranteed Quality At Any Time

We Beellen are patio heater & fire pit & pellet heaters manufacturing professionals. We have a quality control department specializing to guarantee the quality of the products that we provide. Our quality control and manufacturing departments​ work in tandem in each and every phase and process, All these tested will be carried out according to a given attribute or attributes that can be tracked on a quality control chart.

As usual, Quality control comes in following three separate stages:

  • When you receive raw materials for production.
  • When products are going through the production process.
  • Before finished products are dispatched to the customers.

Raw material inspection

QC employees begin by testing the raw materials that are used to create our heaters and fire pit and pellet heater, they check the steel grade and size and also the surface finishing etc. Then testing at various stages within the manufacturing process to identify where any problems are occurring.

Production Process Inspection

 Metal workshop inspection
Semi-finished patio heaters will be randomly checked during the cutting, punching, stretching, bending, welding etc process; Also our QC staff will randomly selected powder spare parts and make the salt spray test to ensure the powder anchoring strength as our heaters are outdoor products.

  Burner Assembly workshop inspection:

Burner workshop inspection mainly focus on the flame testing and leakage testing and anti-tilt testing, Our workers will use leakage test machine to check every assembled control valve and gas inlet tube before making the whole burner. Then they will test the flame effect and anti-tilt function twice for each burner during the assembly line, After that, before packing the burner, they will make the final leakage test for the whole burner before packing. Meanwhile, our QC staff will be side by side to make a quality record during the whole process when there has defective parts.
 Packing workshop inspection
Before packing, our QC department will check all spare parts structure and construction to guarantee the patio heaters & fire pits completeness, also will check the customer’s logo and spec. data to ensure everything is fine.

Package and pre-shipment Inspection

Our quality management system governs the entire production process. Hantechn factory is ISO9001:2015 & amfori BSCI Verified. Our seasoned QC team closely monitors everything, from monitoring the process to conducting sampling tests and sorting out defective components. To guarantee that you receive safe, high-quality goods, we require that they adhere to standards set by governments around the world.


We Beellen heaters always abide by the “Quality first, Customers formost”
We Beellen whole team will ensure the quality of the final product.
Safeguarding quality is a team effort
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